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  • Matthew McCormack

A Rainy Adventure: Chasing Autumnal Colors at Sychryd Waterfall in the Brecon Beacons

Embarking on a photography adventure to the south of Wales, I aimed to capture the breathtaking autumnal hues at Sychryd Waterfall in the heart of the Brecon Beacons. Little did I know that nature had its own plans for the day, as a persistent drizzle accompanied me throughout the morning. To add to the challenge, I realized I had forgotten my waterproof jacket, leaving me with only an umbrella as my defense against the elements.

The Struggle with the Elements:

Undeterred by the less-than-ideal weather conditions, I pressed on, using my umbrella as a makeshift shield against the rain. However, my resilience was put to the test when the unexpected happened – my umbrella, my last line of defense, succumbed to the force of the rain and wind. Despite this setback, my determination to capture the autumnal magic at Sychryd Waterfall kept me going.

Photography Amidst the Rain:

With my camera in hand, I adjusted the settings to bring out the force of the water while maintaining the idyllic charm of the scene. Selecting the right shutter speed became crucial; I aimed to capture the movement of the water without veering into the territory where it would appear overly silky. The challenging conditions pushed me to experiment with different settings, ultimately resulting in a series of unique shots that highlighted the dynamic beauty of the waterfall amidst the autumn colors.

Nature's Resilience:

As the rain continued to fall, I marveled at the resilience of the landscape and the vibrant autumnal palette that seemed to defy the gloomy weather. The water, cascading down the rocks, created a mesmerizing symphony of sound, and the rich colors of the leaves added warmth to the cold, rainy morning. It was a testament to the beauty that nature can unveil even in the most challenging conditions.

A Grateful Conclusion:

Despite the trials and tribulations, my persistence paid off when Landscape Photography Magazine selected one of my photos for featuring on their website and in front of their 300,000 followers. It was an unexpected honor and a delightful surprise, turning a seemingly miserable morning into a rewarding experience. I am grateful for the recognition and the opportunity to share my adventure with a wider audience, proving that sometimes the most challenging conditions can lead to the most memorable and rewarding outcomes in the world of photography.

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