A Drop in the Ocean

Setting up for some Water Droplet Collision photography The Setup The Results

New Home Studio kit.

with more and more time on my hands during this lockdown, it was time to get some new equipment to learn and master new skills. Just need a subject now

Blue London

One of the best times of the day to be out doing photography is Blue hour, although strictly speaking its not technically an hour long its approximately an hour as it varies a different times of the year... it occurs twice a day, the hour leading up to sunrise and the hour after sunset, when twilight becomes into night. Its one of best becuase theres no strong harsh light from the sun, but enough natural light to get detail in shadows. so its a peak time for photography where you can get some cracking pictures, some definite keepers for the album. The blue hour starts around sunset and finishes after twilight turns into night.


The NHS and Care workers have continued to do an amazing job throughout this pandemic, they have been the Heroes that have saved so many lives including the British Prime Ministers. So a massive THANKS! goes out to all those workers, care workers and key workers as a appreciation and support to you all THANK YOU!... The artwork below is a great symbolic piece artwork of the NHS super hero, it was created by an Artist Lionel Stanhope and is located near to Waterloo Station. The tallest building in Britain has been lit up Blue for the NHS

Leake Street Graffiti

Leake street Graffiti... is always evolving and is worth checking out for any new pieces of art! They’ve also introduced spot lights down the tunnel to showcase the artwork better...

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